The Cobblestone Wedding Barn is under renovation to preserve the amazing ambiance of this Registered National Historic Homestead. Phase one of stabilization and restoration is under way.  We are working through the community approval process. Weddings are offered on Friday & Saturdays starting in June 2017 



Located in the beautiful area of Upstate New York, The Cobblestone Wedding Barn is rich in history and elegance. The Isaac Cox Cobblestone Farmstead, also known as the Letson Farm, is a historic home and farm complex located in the town of Wheatland near Scottsville, New York. Brothers Isaac and Joseph Cox were Quakers from Saratoga County who built homes on River Road. The complex includes a cobblestone farmhouse built in 1838, constructed of small to medium sized field cobbles, and is one of the seven surviving cobblestone buildings in the town of Wheatland. Also on the vast property are a pair of Wells truss barns, built in the 1800's these barns have a unique patented design that consisted of truss arch construction. This allow the barns to have a main floor clear of any posts and beams. Other buildings include a corn crib/pig sty, and small smokehouse. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. Just one property of the 40 Wells Barns left, this farmstead is the perfect venue for your wedding.


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In January of 2016 local history lovers and catering professionals Kane & Kristina Gascon purchased the property and began the process of preserving and restoring the barns and cobblestone Mansion.  We invite you to visit the amazing homestead and be part of the preservation of this unique slice of American History.   
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Phase 1  Renovations of Historic Wells Barns built 1898 Restored by Kane & Kristina Gascon 2016 Ceremony Barn (Left) & Reception Barn (Right)

Phase 1  Renovations of Historic Wells Barns built 1898 Restored by Kane & Kristina Gascon 2016 Ceremony Barn (Left) & Reception Barn (Right)